Objective-C to C# source code translation

Automagical: $79

What you're buying

  • Simultaneous source code converter from Objective-C to C#.
  • Batch conversion that works on a full folder of source files.
  • Automatic updates for the full cycle of the first major version (1.x.x).

System requirements

  • Windows XP or newer.
  • .NET framework 4.0 (installed automatically if needed).
  • Contact me for an early Mac build (no GUI, Terminal only).

Refund policy

The idea is to help you with your source code conversion, just like it helped us to translate our games Monkey Labour and Dream of Pixels. That's why, if you're not happy with the value that you get with Automagical, ask for a refund and your payment will be returned.

Refunds are only available within the first 30 days after purchase. Make sure to test Automagical soon after you buy it.

What now?

Only one thing left to do: