Objective-C to C# source code translation

Don't take my word for it,
take a look at what our customers are saying:

What our customers are saying:

"Your program is awesome and worth every penny. I am doing a transcode to C# for a client and do not know Objective-C/Cocoa as well as I would like to but this program will help a lot."

Mike Sanchez

"Your program looks great! It will help me better understand Objective C while giving me a head start on converting some code I received from a customer."

Carl Ransdell,

"You have been incredibly helpful and friendly about everything Matej, and I really appreciate it!"

Ian Levin

"I have used it to port some Objective-C to MonoTouch. It certainly speeds up the process."


"After a while, most of the code converted, and converted really well - very impressed. Great stuff. It was good enough to get 98% of what I required done - great stuff."


"Just downloaded and installed automagical. Cracking piece of kit."

Paul Johnson,

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