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Use with with care

Groovy has some very nice constructs to make code shorter and safer. Take with for example: it saves us from declaring temporary variables that will be used for one call only thus making the code more understandable and prevents us from mistakingly...

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Using Bootstrap Multiselect with Angular

David Stutz’s Bootstrap Multiselect is probably the most popular Bootstrap plugin for rendering a select element with multiple attribute as a Bootstrap button with a dropdown menu. It is feature rich and works great, but if you want to use it with Angular, there is unfortunately no directive available for it.

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Automagical - indistinguishable from magic

We are developers. This means we’re lazy. And we don’t like pain. In fact, we hate pain so much that we forget all about the lazy part and work on this new tool for a month, just to optimize a couple of days of work on porting code from one programming...

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Exporting Grails' i18n messages into Javascript

There is no clean way to get i18n messages defined in Grails’ .properties files from Javascript. The always brilliant Mr. Haki posted a solution in 2011 using the JAWR plugin but it no longer works cleanly for Grails versions 2.4 and newer. Besides, installing the whole JAWR plugin just for this purpose seems to be an overkill. Therefore I’ve cooked up a solution using Groovy traits.

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Simplifying data storage

During our work we always keep track of new persistence technologies cropping up so we can pick the most appropriate product for a given project. We’re big fans of PostgreSQL when it comes to classic SQL and we’ve been evaluating mongoDB in toy projects...

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