jQuery Calendar with time picker

While we thought the jQuery Calendar was the best calendar out there, we needed a way to select times. So the jQuery Calendar was extended with a basic time selector. It supports both AM/PM and 24 hour notation. In addition, a function was added to the calendar that parses a text string and outputs a Javascript Date object; a possible use case is the transformation of the selected date into a custom format before submitting it to the server. Keyboard shortcuts for changing the time are not supported yet and are also not a high priority for us, so anyone willing to add them is more than welcome to.

A single setting was added to the jQuery Calendar class: timeSeparators. It takes an array of strings as an argument with the following members:

  1. The date/time separator (separates the date part from the time part)
  2. The hour/minute separator
  3. (optional) The AM designator
  4. (optional) The PM designator

Examples of the time descriptor format are timeSeparators:[' ',':'] for the 24 hour format and timeSeparators:[' ',':','AM','PM'] for the AM/PM format.

Update: I have fixed some bugs since the original publication. Thanks to everyone who emailed me patches!

Be advised: The time picker may be buggy and/or the original jQuery Calendar functionality may be hampered. Use this version at own risk and check the original version before blaiming jQuery Calendar authors for any bugs or requesting support from them!


Original code: jQuery Calendar, Written by Marc Grabanski and extended by Keith Wood

Time picker added by: Gregor Petrin Kraškovic, Razum d.o.o.