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Privacy policy

Anonymous visit analysis

In order to continually improve your experience we use Google Analytics. This service will store data in several cookies on your computer containing anonymized visit data which is used for our internal analysis ONLY - we have denied from Google the permission to use it for their own purposes and your visit to this website cannot be linked to any other websites you may have opened or will open. If you prefer that we do not include your anonymized data in our internal analyses, please use the button below - your choice will be recorded in another cookie but all other cookies will be removed.

Detailed cookie list

Cookie Purpose Duration
Remembers your decision to either deny us permission to store other cookies on your computer or that you have indicated your awareness about the cookies used and allow it. 6 months
Used to distinguish users and sessions. 2 years
Used to determine new sessions/visits. 30 minutes
Interoperability with the urchin.js service Browser session
Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how you have reached this site. 6 months